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Clinical Teaching Fellows in NHS Lanarkshire

Our clinical teaching fellows are integral to teaching within NHS Lanarkshire


There are also opportunities for research, attending conferences, and submitting poster presentations.


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"My experience as a Clinical Teaching Fellow in Lanarkshire"

When I applied for this CTF post last year I did not appreciate the range of opportunities that it opens. Barely three months into the job and I have been involved in teaching school children, medical undergraduates, medical postgraduates and other healthcare professionals in a range of situations including lectures, case based learning, tutorials, workshops, courses, bedside and simulations both at the medical education centre and in-situ within the hospital. As a CTF you are part of a fantastic team of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals who are happy to share with you their wealth of experience and knowledge within medical education. You are encouraged to develop your own teaching style, with many incredible teachers to observe and be inspired by. The department sponsors you to obtain a degree in medical education, allowing you to broaden your knowledge about the theory of teaching within healthcare, whilst you are able to learn and trial the practicalities within the teaching sessions you will both lead and participate.


As a group, the Lanarkshire CTFs aim to meet weekly, and are an excellent source of support and inspiration for your year ahead. In these three months we have collaborated to respond to two journal articles. While personally I am have submitted two poster presentations for conferences, I am certain the total number of submissions for presentations for our group of six CTFs in just this 3 months will be firmly in double digits. I have become involved in designing a workshop for an undergraduate Emergency Medicine society conference, and I am aiming to undertake some research on medical education within emergency medicine.


It is clear to me that the skills and experiences that I have already gained within this post will be invaluable to me when I return to specialty training and throughout my career. The ability to manage time and commitments, learning how to inspire learning within the healthcare environment and how to be an effective teacher, being involved in management of a team and the logistics of coordinating meetings and requirements across specialties and sites; I have been challenged by all of these in just these three months, I can only imagine how much more I will gain throughout the rest of my post. The most valuable 3 months in my career so far!


Clinical Teaching Fellow
Hairmyres Hospital